Nanu Travel offers guided dogsledtrips, kayaktrips, boattrips and wildlifetrips in Greenland

Nanu Travel ApS arranges activities for the visitor all year around.


During winter Nanu Travel ApS arranges dogsled trips, lasting from 3 hours up to several weeks in length. Choose from one of our suggested itineraries or we can help you work out your own itinerary if you have special places you wish to visit. Besides dog sledding, we also offer snowshoe rentals, guided snowshoeing trips, guided skiing trips and snowmobile transport.


In summer we arrange guided hiking trips and kayak rentals, from a few hours to several weeks in length. Our area is also very good for climbing - both for the experienced climber and for the beginner.


Nanu Travel also organises trophy hunting both in summer and winter with local authorized trophy hunter guides.


We offer logistical services for expeditions, film shoots, cruise ship visits and other types of visiting groups year-round.

If you have any requests, do not hesitate to contact us at

Tours in the area of Ittoqqortoormiit

NANU TRAVEL - if you are looking for dogsledding, sailingtrips, kayaking, survivaltrips, arctic trophyhunting, arctic expeditions

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