Nanu Travel offers guided dogsledtrips, kayaktrips, boattrips and wildlifetrips in Greenland

  • Guiding pack list for multi-day trips in Greenland

    In general when you pack for a winter trip in Greenland, you have to think practical and insulating . Find the warmest clothes you’ve got. Basis for an enjoyable trip is partly dependent on equipment selection. Here you will find a suggestion for a kit list .

    The latest outdoor wear is very focused on being thin and light, for example a Gore-Tex jacket . In Greenland you cannot keep warm with a shell jacket, instead you need a lot of insulating clothes like down etc. Gore-Tex fabric clothing sometimes has a hard time working properly in the cold and sweat turns to snow on the inside of the jacket . On a sled trip, to sweat means you’ll cool and soon be very cold, so it is a good idea if you can easily regulate the temperature by zipping clothing up or down, by adding a sweater/ fleece layers or taking them off etc. .

    Always think in layers, especially when you switch between sledging and skiing, there is a big difference in the clothing .

    Nanu Travel provides a suit with lining for each participant best suited for sledging . The suit will normally be too warm for skiing .

    On the sled we recommend that you divide your personal belongings into two bags: a small one to use off the sled while traveling and a bigger one for the items you want inside your tent at night.

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    Nanu Travel provides:

  • Suit with lining
  • Winter boots
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Tent
  • Cooking equipment, cutlery, cups and plates
  • Food
  • Thermos

    We recommend that you bring:

  • Underwear:

    We recommend wool. Devold makes really good products. Sweattransportable synthetic underwear will start smelling very quickly . Underwear in fleece / microfibre is fine.

  • Fleece trousers or thick track trousers:

    Fine as a layer in between suit and underwear .

  • Thin socks:
    Bring several pairs.

  • Thick wool socks:
    Bring several pairs .

  • Sweaters or thick shirts:

    Fine as a layer in between suit & underwear.

  • Warm sweater :

    With zipper and high neck . We recommend thick fleece, 300 Polar Tec . Wool can also be used , but it is heavy and takes a long time to dry . A synthetic like RAB’s Vapour Rise is good.

  • Hat :

    Wool or fleece are the most comfortable to wear . A balaclava helmet which covers forehead , neck and chin is recommended . It is important that you also bring a windproof hat which can be worn on top of the balaclava .

  • Face/neck warmer/gaiter
    Bring two. The first should be close fitting, the second big enough to fit over the first creating a warm wedge pocket between the two.

  • Thick gloves with removable liner:

    They should be so big that you can wear them on top of a thinner pair of gloves or mittens . Bring two pairs .
    It is possible to regulate temperature when you wear two pair of gloves . Thin , windproof shellgloves are good with knitted gloves .

  • Track suit:

    To sleep in .

  • Ear-plugs:

    If you are a light sleeper, it is good to bring earplugs so dogs & neighbours won’t disturb your sleep .

    Various :
  • Personal medical prescription drugs
  • Sun glasses
  • Snow goggles
    If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb etc
  • Sun screen, lip balm
  • Camera, with automatic wind-on, manual drives tend to shatter film
  • Binoculars
  • Extra film + batteries . We recommend Energizer lithium
  • Headtorch