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Feedback from a kayaktrip , summer of 2009 

I was on the Black Feather Kayak trip with Sophie Deschamps in Aug, 2009. I have been meaning to write and thank you for the wonderful dinner and evening that you hosted after our trip. Everything was delicious and it was very special to be treated to all of the delicacies that you served. What a memorable ending to our trip! I enjoyed talking with both of you. Karina showed me the muskoxen scarf made by a Norwegian lady. It inspired me to have something special made with the amount that I had collected. Since my return, I have found someone who can card and spin the qiviut for me and also someone who will weave a scarf or small blanket for me. It will always remind me of the amazing trip of a lifetime that I had in August.

I hope to return to Scoresby Sund for another adventure.

Thank you once again for your wonderful hospitality.

Valerie Mercer


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Carlo & Vittus in the snow , Kap Tobin , March