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Flyfishing in the Ittoqqortoormiit area

By Tomasz Mikolajgzyk 2008

First we went to the western coast of Jameson Land. After some hours we have found that all the rivers are dry !. It looks like, they are all periodic rivers.
Going back we have found one river with water, very nice looking one, near Cap Tobin. We stayed there for 3 days trying to fish. No results at all. We haven't found any small fish (fry) also. So , conclusion was that it is not arctic charrr spawning river. We were walking around and we could find only dry river beds. The same situation we found in the river running close to Constable Point (few km north) - no fish at all.
The only place we could fish was the Sodal river vis a vis Constable point. The fish were not so big (40 - 50 cm). It was just a beginning of spawning run (very beginning). The river is beautiful but difficult (big stones, deep strong water, extremely difficult to cross). Between the sea and the lake there is quite some good places for fly as well as for spoon. Unfortunately at the time of our visit there was not so many fish there.
We have seen a lot of fry everywhere ! There was quite good fishing in the fjord with spoon and fly (shrimp). We are sure that we were much too early (first week of August). At the airport (before going back home) we had a talk with one of the locals and he told us that this river is excellent but much later , end of August - September . Other rivers between Sodal and Scoresby Sound were extremely muddy.