Nanu Travel offers guided dogsledtrips, kayaktrips, boattrips and wildlifetrips in Greenland


Dogsledtrip with a hunter in Jamesonland.

Nanu Travel dogsledguide Scoresby Hammeken .

Hole in the ice , Liverpoolland .

East Greenland puppies .

Hunters at the ice edge just next to Kap Tobin , Ittoqqortoormiit .

Nanu Travel arranged kite surfing on the frozen sea ice in Hurry Inlet for Larry Page and Sergey Brin from . 

Dogsledging on the frozen sea ice from Kap Tobin to Ittoqqortoormiit . The ice starts to become wet around beginning of June . 

From the Nanu Travel expedition to Lauge Kochs base , Ella Oe in the Nationalpark .

Nanu Travel guide Scoresby Hammeken with Expedition leader on the Ella Oe expedition , Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen .

Lunch break on a Nanu Travel sledgetrip .

Tent camp in Liverpoolland .

Two puppies.

Dogsledding with Nanu Travel in Jamesonland .

Sun is setting at the iceedge at Kap Tobin.

Sun just returned in January and hunters are enjoying the beautiful sight from the iceedge at Kap Tobin.

Tent camp just next to a great glacier in Liverpoolland , East Greenland .

Hole in an iceberg , Liverpoolland .

A hunter heading out to hunt seal . In spring theres good chances of observing / hunting seals on the ice and if you are dressed in white , you can often get very close .

Ittoqqortoormiit in the spring , after a winter with MUCH snow .

Happy children testing our new snow tubes . Snow tubes can be rented in the Nanu Travel Tourist office .

Karina on a Nationalparktrip to Mestersvig in February .

Northern Lights at 70 degrees North .

Child , Ittoqqortoormiit .

Ittoqqortoormiit in the spring . 

The sleddog "Svend".