An east Greenland sleddog .

The yellow guesthouse in Ittoqqortoormiit . In total , 3 different buildings

are used for accomodation .

Arctic fauna .

Two puppies.

The helicopter is chartered for shooting a documentary , taking place in Scoresby Sund fjordsystem.

Rovmaagesoe - the lake can be reached within a good hours hike from Ittoqqortoormiit . Follow the marked route on the map available in the Nanu Travel office.

Charlie the puppy. Around 1 month old .

Karina , Annesofie and Tank on a spring sledgetrip  to  Flakkerhuk in Scoresbysund Fjordsystem.

A musk ox skull like this one can be found many places in the Ittoqqortoormiit area.

Musk ox barbecue with a great view to the sea.

Ittoqqortoormiit from the seaside , summer.

A newborn puppy.

Confirmation in Ittoqqortoormiit .

Northern Lights at 70 degrees North .

Iceberg in the Scoresbysund fjord system .

Iceberg in the Scoresbysund fjord system .

Sealskin hanging to dry , Kap Hope .

Puppies , Kap Hope .



NDR from the German Television is filming from the ice.

Icebergs in the Scoresby Sund fjordsystem.

Arctic char hanging outside to dry.

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