Great site with a short film and photos from Royal Arctic Lines supply ships East Greenlandic journeys.


Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen 

Books about historical places, people and events in North-East Greenland. 


The trophy hunting museum in Stokkseyri

When travelling through Iceland, we recommend the hunting museum in Stokkseyri.

ARC-PIC.COM is an association of Greenland photographers displaying photos on-line. Excellent photos from Ittoqqortoormiit by Carsten Egevang.


Uri Golman - Golman images
Writer, Arctic nature and landscape photographer, whom we can highly recommend. 


Satellite Charts

Excellent satellite charts from the east coast.


Weather forecast

Check out the weather in Ittoqqortoormiit .


Alternate weather forecast

Norwegian website with Greenland forecasts.

Very informative website about east Greenland .


The official tourism & business website for Greenland

Very informative website about tourism in Greenland.


Satellite charts from Ittoqqortoormiit area

See the Ittoqqortoormiit area from above. 


Royal Arctic Line A/S

Information on how to ship cargo in and out of Ittoqqortoormiit.  Also ail plans for our two yearly supply ships.



The Greenlandic paper with updated news from Greenland. Use Google Translate to see in English.



Official website of the Greenlandic government.


KNR - Greenland Broadcasting

Greenland TV and radio


Det Grønlandske hus i Aalborg

Greenland house in Aalborg, Jutland . Aalborg is one of Ittoqqortoormiits 3 friendship cities .


Skyttens hundefoder

Dog food for the Greenland sled dog



Our fantastic web designer



Greenland phone & post service


Air Greenland

The primary airline providing flights to Constable Point/Nerlerit Inaat and helicopter connections to Ittoqqortoormiit.  



Various links - Tilføj link (gratis)





Wine from Vejstrup !


Humpbackwhale in Rosenvinges bugt , image by Nanu Travel

Ittoqqortoormiit church , image by Nanu Travel

Polar bear , image by Per Jessen

Ptarmigan , image by Nanu Travel

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