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The east coast of Greenland is known as the land of rock and ice. Mountains and glaciers dominate the view. Where ever your eyes wander they find new examples of fascinating beauty. For our adventure we'll leave the small hunting village of Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund), located at the mouth of the largest fjord system in the world.  


We'll have a journey of contrasts. To the west of Scoresbysund lies Jameson Land, known for its plateau mountains made by raised seabed and steady numbers of musk ox. To the north and east lies Liverpool Land where its mostly glaciated land breeds only icebergs. Here we'll see sheer cliffs dropping down to meet the sea ice, deep valleys
that beg to be explored, and experience the silence of the high Arctic.


You'll travel along and through both lands, using routes that have been used by generations of local hunters.  Along the trip we might see snow hares, musk oxen, ptarmigan, snowy owls, ravens and Arctic foxes. If we're lucky we may get a chance to
see that elusive Arctic traveller, the polar bear.


The trip has an expedition feel to it, the day-to-day program can only be intended as a guide as the weather and snow conditions will play a major role deciding the route and daily distance travelled.  The temperature depends on the time of year you travel – see our temperature table here. But since the air is very dry, the days are often sunny and the wind usually light, it won't feel that cold.

Tour information

The guides for the tours are all local mushers. By local we mean that they live all year around in Ittoqqortoormiit. Here you can see and read about some of our guides. They have a wealth of knowledge about the area and how to not just "survive" in the cold, but to thoroughly enjoy it.


You will be fully equipped with an Arctic-grade sleeping bag , sleeping mat , sled outfit of nylon and boots. You'll only be responsible to bring a minimum of extra clothes and other equipment.


On the sled journey, there can be one or two guests on each sledge, besides the guide who is “driving” the sledge. Our experience is that most of our guests finds it a lot more enjoyable with 2 guests + the guide on the sledge. The more the merrier! This is also cheaper than being 1 guest on the sledge.


Along the route , there are hunting cabins/shelters scattered throughout the area where we will cook Greenlandic food in the evening. See the huts here.  A primus or two can heat up the cabin. Most nights though we'll overnight in our tents. While in Scoresbysund before and after the journey, you will stay at the local guesthouse. See the guesthouse here


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Please fill out a form with your personal information, when joining one of our trips.

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