Flora and Fauna

Flora & Fauna 

The almost permanently open water (polynya) at the mouth of Scoresby Sund creates favourable biological conditions, rendering the area relatively rich in marine wildlife all year around.

Several species of birds benefit by this and even some terrestrial animals in an indirect way. Because of this, the area has more diversity of wild life than its high Arctic climate would normally support.

Birds include Knots, Dunlins, Sanderlings, Red Plovers, Barnacle and Pink-footed Geese, Red-throated Divers, Long-tailed Ducks, Eiders and King Eiders, Long-tailed and Arctic Skuas, Little Auks, Snow Buntings, Ptarmigan, Snowy Owls and Gyrfalcons.

The cliffs of Liverpool Land and Kap Brewster are the only significant bird cliffs in all of East Greenland, and they host the worlds largest breeding colonies of Little Auks.

Seals are common throughout Scoresby Sund and there are always good chances of seeing narwhal and walrus. Lemmings and Arctic hares inhabit the whole area and small herds of musk-oxen are found in areas of lush vegetation. Ermine, foxes, wolves and polar bears are also native to the area.

It must be remembered that in the high Arctic most of the mammals, especially the predators, are widely dispersed and sightings may require careful observation and patience.

The vegetation is quite varies throughout the Scoresby Sund region because of the marked varation in local bioclimate zones and altitude. There are over a hundred species of flowering plants such as arctic poppies, many kinds of saxifrage, alpine gentians and speedwells.

There is a marked difference in the climate from the bleak outer coastal region with its sparse flora and the sheltered inner fjords with lush vegetation in many areas.


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