Hunting in the Ittoqqortoormiit area

Go hunting with Nanu Travel

All our hunting guides are local , educated trophyhunterguides and experienced hunters.
The animals we hunt are used 100% , as for all hunts around Ittoqqortoormiit.
There is a fee to the Greenland homerule for the hunt.
Polar bear hunting is only allowed for local hunters and local inhabitants can not join the hunt. Trophy hunting for polar bear is illegal in entire Greenland.

Nanu Travel arranges trophyhunting on muskox , seal , hare and grouse – in winter.

The main trophyhunting object is muskox and seal - hare and grouse is hunted as food supplement doing the hunting trip.

Seal hunt is in May, when the seals are laying on the ice.
The trophyhunter is transported by dog sledge to more or less 600 m from the seal.
Then the white-dressed hunter purch close to the seal. The shooting position is laying, and there is normally no time limit.
The seals are transported home on the dog sledge, and the skin is prepared by local women , who has many years of experience in preparing animal skins .
The hunter can either live in the local guesthouse and go out hunting every morning or the hunt can be with at tent camp as base.
This hunt gives a great number of actual hunt opportunities.

Muskox hunt - winter.
The hunt is in March and starts from the airport , where the guides and dogsledges are waiting when you arrive with your flight.
The hunt takes 6 days and end in Ittoqqortoormiit. Transport by dogsledge – one sledge for each hunter - and all camping are in tent.
When the moskox is found , a few dogs are let loose so the muskoxen stays in a circle. Therefore the shooting range is less than 75 m.
The caping or boiling of the trophy is done in town.

For more information on trophyhunting , please contact us at

Muxk oxen , winter . Image by Nanu Travel


Grouse/Ptarmigan , image by Nanu Travel

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