3 hours Dog Sledding

Dog Sled Journeys in the Ittoqqortoormiit Area

½ day trip – village visit - 3 hours


When: entire sledding season


Minimum no. of participants: 1

Price per sled/1 guest: please see the price list


Price per sled/2 guests: please see the price list


Included: sledding outfit, boots


Link to Tourist Dog Points HERE


The guides leading the tour are all local mushers. With our local guides you will be safe, exploring the Greenlandic nature and wild life. The hunters not only know the conditions, the weather, the country and the dogs, they will also inform you about the local culture, hunting, etc.   You will be fully equipped by Nanu Travel with winter boots and sledding suit. The guide will provide warm tea and coffee.

The trip:

We will meet at the Nanu Travel tourist office in the morning. The guide will escort you to the dog sled and while it is being prepared, the dogs will become more and more excited to start the journey. The trip may start a bit “dramatically”, since the dogs are very impatient in the morning.

Off we go! The sledge is being pulled quickly over the frozen sea ice by a team of 10 to 12 dogs. We head for Kap Tobin on a good sled trail. The village was once bigger than Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund), but today it is deserted and the houses are only being used as summer houses.

Following the trail through the village, we then turn right through a narrow passage between two cliffs. We will make a stop at the hot springs, which are the warmest in Greenland (about 62 degrees).

From Kap Tobin, polar bears are often observed close-by so, if we are lucky, we might spot one. There is usually wildlife along the ice edge, which also gives us a good chance of seeing seals and sea birds.

It is possible to either make a short walk in Kap Tobin before the return trip or make a short trip along the ice edge.

Dogsledgetrip , image by Nanu Travel

Arctic fox

Polarbear in Amdrup Havn , image by Nanu Travel

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