4 days Liverpool Land

 4 Days Dog Sledding on Liverpool Land - Dog Sledge Trip in North-east Greenland

When: February-May

Minimum Number of Participants: 4

Price per person/double sledge: please contact us for price


Included: 4 nights in local guesthouse w/self-catering; 4 days dog sledding on Liverpool Land including full catering, sledge outfit, boots, sleeping bag, mattress, tent.

Not included: tickets to/from Ittoqqortoormiit, catering in guesthouse Ittoqqortoormiit.


Length of trip: 4 days/3 nights


Please fill out a form with your personal information, when joining one of our trips. 
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Shortly after your arrival at Constable Point airport (CNP), the Air Greenland helicopter will depart from CNP for Ittoqqortoormiit. A representative of the guesthouse will meet you at the Ittoqqortoormiit helipad, escort you to the guesthouse and show you where the Nanu Travel tourist office and the supermarket are.

After settling in, all participants are going to meet at the tourist office. There you will be equipped with suits for the dog sledge trip, boots, sleeping bags as well as sleeping mattresses. We will go over the dog sledge trip on the map and talk about the routines on the 4-day dog sledge trip. 

Dogsledding in Liverpool Land - Day 1:

You will be picked up at the guesthouse in the morning and escorted to the dog sledge where your guide awaits you. Any luggage you do not want to bring on the dog sledge trip can be stored at our office or at the guesthouse. The dog sledges will be prepared and the dogs will harnessed in front of the sledges, anxious to get started. Every day the trip will start a bit dramatically, since the dogs are very impatient in the mornings – especially on this first day of the dog sledge trip.


We will start out on the fjord ice and head for Kap Hope which is one of the two deserted villages in the Ittoqqortoormiit area. At Kap Hope we will make a short stop-over, which will give you time to take a look at the village. We leave Kap Hope and continue on the ice and turn into the mouth of Hurry Fjord. From Hurry Fjord it is a nice, flat stretch to our first destination of the day: Kalkdalen at the head of Hurry Fjord. We will stop for lunch at Dom Brava where there is a small cabin that can give us shelter if it is windy. We will travel close to land, hoping to see ptarmigan and Arctic hare. In May, chances are good to spot seals on the ice in Hurry Fjord. 

We will camp in the hut “Gåsereden” ("the goose nest") in the far end of Hurry Fjord and prepare a meal made of Greenlandic supplies.

Dogsledding in Liverpool Land - Day 2:

Today we will experience one of the most beautiful parts of Liverpool Land. The stretch from “the goose nest” in Hurry Fjord to the outer coast, via “Kalkdalen”, passes through some scenic landscape on Liverpool Land. In the valley we will pass two lakes and a hanging glacier. The valley gets narrower towards the outer coast of Liverpool Land, and the mountains surrounding us are higher.  

The sledging has some interesting moments, where the musher must control the dogs and our guest must hang on – don’t worry, it is good fun! We will be able to observe how the shape of the mountains are changing – from the plateau inland mountains to the pointed alpine mountains at the outer coast.  

On the sea ice in Horsens Fjord we will stop at a hole in the ice, created by warm streams under the sea surface. This place attracts birds and other wildlife, and it is a good place for a break. 

We will camp in tents at Kap Greg and spend the night in this extraordinary area.

Dogsledding in Liverpool Land - Day 3:

Our destination today is the two huts at Kap Høegh. Our first stop will be the huge glacier front at “Emanuel Glacier”. As we move on, we will pass by high bird cliffs, inhabited from mid-May. In this area we have the chance for observing seals on the ice and, maybe, if we are lucky, polar bears.

Dogsledding in Liverpool Land - Day 4:

From Kap Høegh it is 35 km dog sled run to town. We will follow the coast-line southwards until we reach Lille Fjord. At Lille Fjord we stop and eat lunch before we continue. As the dogs take us up alongside the glacier to the land leading us back to Ittoqqortoormiit, we leave the sea ice behind us for the last time on this dog sledge trip. From top we will have a great view over Liverpool Land, before the sledges go fast downhill and enter Ittoqqortoormiit via the frozen river delta. Now, a hot shower is within reach!


Departure Day :

An employee of the guesthouse will take your luggage to check-in. Shortly after, the helicopter leaves Ittoqqortoormiit and heads for Constable Point. Departure with the scheduled flight from CNP follows.

Be aware that the itinerary of this sledge trip can be changed at short notice due to weather and snow conditions.


Sledging in Eastgreenland

Northern Lights


Sledging inLiverpoolland , image by Nanu Travel

Cabin at Kap Hoegh

Liverpoolland Glacier , image by Nanu Travel

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