Dog Points

Dog Points

Greenland Dogs are the only dog breed north of the Arctic Circle .

But please remember :

  • Never stand in-between a dog team and the sled 
  • Never try to break up a dogfight 
  • Ask your guide before touching any of his dogs 
  • Ask before giving any dog a snack . Some human foods are toxic to dogs and can cause vomiting , seizure and even death . Never feed chocolate , dried fruit or nuts to dogs 
  • Never play with Greenland dogs after they have been fed. The breed is succeptable to a killer condition called bloat , where a full stomach twists and prevents gas from escaping 
  • If dogs are resting leave them alone , they deserve a break , too 
  • And finally , given the chance dogs will thieve your gloves and have been known to bite camera lenses . 


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