Whalrusbay: The Arctic Beach 

Once a place for whalruses and the american soldiers and now a beautiful place to chill on the hot arctic summer days

Whalrusbay was a once place for many whalruses, this was the reason the place got it's name "Whalrusbay". 

It is now very rare to spot a whalrus on the beach. 

The american soldiers stayed in Whalrusbay from 1944 to 1946 and the place was used as weather station, and they covered the weather forecast in North Atlantic and Europe. 

The war enden in 1945, but the american soldiers had to stay in Whalrusbay for another winter beacuse it wasn't possible to pick them up by a ship. They were called the last US soldiers repratiated from an active war. 

Whalrusbay is a perfect place to visit if you are planning to go day trekking. The beach is placed 2km from the village with a road in a middle of a steep mountain. From Whalrusbay you can hike further to Mågefjeldet which is 362 meters above from sealevel and 5 kilometers away from the village. That will change your trekking from level 1 to level 4, since it is a pretty steep mountain. If you are planning to hike more you can go to Gulefjeldet which is 9 kilometers away from the village, and there are some rivers to pass on this one. 

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