Where to book your tickets

Where to book your tickets 

For this current covid-19 situation you can only buy plane tickets at www.airgreenland.com 

You have to quarantine for 5 days in Nuuk in get tested again on the fifth day, and once you get the negative result you can travel further. 

The route is from Nuuk to Kulusuk (A stopping place) then to Nerlerit Inaat (Our Airport) since it is about 50 km away from town you can either take Helicopter which can be booked on www.airgreenland.com or boat on summer days, snowmobile and dogsled on winter days these you can book at us. 

Once the covid-19 situation is over you can book your tickets on www.norlandair.is/en 

From Akureyri(Iceland) to Nerlerit Inaat 

Where to book your Guesthouse rooms

You can book your rooms at guest@itt-byg.dk or at nanu@nanu-travel.com  

Ittoqqortoormiit has only 1 guesthouse in town. 

The guesthouse is self-catering (No meals included) but the house is fully equipped kitchen, and there is access to refrigerator with freezer, oven, stoves, microwave oven, pots/pans, plates/bowls, and utensils. 

The guesthouse has also a TV, shower, washing machine, iron and toilets for shared use. 

All guesthouse rooms are complete with bed linens and towels.

Where to book your activities

You can book your activities at us in nanu@nanu-travel.com wheither it is hiking, dogsled, boat, ATV, snowmobile, kayak, car, dinner or whatever you have in mind. We will try our best to plan it for you. 

B-186 . 3980 Ittoqqortoormiit . East Greenland
Tel.: +299 99 12 80 | Fax: +299 99 10 70 | Email: nanu@nanu-travel.com

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